Camp History

What started out as an idea to serve meals during the summer to children quickly became a full summer day camp program within weeks of planning. The program includes theme days: Craft/ Cooking, Career, Movie, and Wet & Messy Day. Children are provided breakfast, lunch and weekend meal packs by a partnership with Tarrant Area Food Bank and they participate in character building lessons through biblical truth in chapel daily.

1 idea + 1 dedicated volunteer = a free 11 week, 4 day, 7 hour program in the summer of 2014

119 kids representing 64 families were served. Over 70 volunteers were recruited to help with the day's theme including career day where children got a chance to see a live cow being milked, sit in a police car and ring the siren, sit in a fire truck and ring it's siren, hear from railroad and aviation engineers, learn about different city jobs and meet a radio personality . Character building lessons are a part of each day during chapel and 23 kids received counseling for salvation as well as one adult volunteer. During our end of camp event, we had 6 children to be baptized including one adult volunteer.

In 2015, we had 300 kids pre- register and unfortunately had to turn kids away. We averaged 85 kids per day with the 2nd day of camp having 163 kids! We served 5, 726 meals and had volunteers put in over 2,316 hours! Approximately 26 kids received counseling for salvation and 5 were baptized.

2016 was a year of change. We reduced our camp from 11 weeks to 9 weeks and included a minimal cost of $2 per day to help with the fidelity of the program. We had 60 kids registered from 34 families. We awarded scholarships to 15 kids from 6 families and brought in $4,068 from camp fees. Our dedicated volunteers recorded 1,570 hours. Approximately 5 kids received counseling for salvation.

1 idea + 1 dedicated volunteer = a church that serves it’s community by providing a low cost, quality summer program that feeds children naturally and spiritually daily!